Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More Glum News

We had an office-wide meeting yesterday, never a good thing in this economic climate. I had been hoping it would simply be to announce the layoffs that occurred last Friday, so folks who weren't there at the time could hear the official rendition. No such luck. Instead we learned that the company will no longer be paying for our parking expenses. Our office is downtown; there is no free parking anywhere even remotely nearby. Apparently the passes the company has been buying for us in the garage across the street cost $75/month, and if we want to continue parking there, we now have to pay ourselves.

Effective immediately.

So starting today, I'm riding the bus. I actually enjoy riding the bus, and find it much less stressful than the idea of carpooling, which I'm also contemplating. However, the bus fare is $40/month out of pocket that I wasn't spending last week. [I have fuel efficient car, and a short commute, so only use about one gallon of gas a week getting to and from work.]

And the most depressing thing? The bus company has announced plans to raise fares in the beginning of May, and to simultaneously cut back on services. Of course my route is one of those slated to be eliminated. I will still be able to catch a bus, but will have to walk much further to get to a stop, and will have to pay $60/month. I have a feeling carpooling will look a lot better come May.

Sunday, February 01, 2009