Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Hopeful Update

Prospective Employer finally called back this morning, and scheduled that second interview I am so desperate for. Huzzah! Next Tuesday, I'll be strutting my stuff once more. I am glad I have the weekend to mentally prepare, because I'd talked myself into the dumps a bit, and while I feel much better today, I'd like to be a little more confident come interview time.

[I had basically convinced myself that I am a total poser lame ass who doesn't deserve gainful employment of any sort of respectable variety. See what I mean about needing a little boost?]

I still have nagging doubts because of the time lapse between my first interview and the call back (ten days). I did email the interviewers a thank you note and link to a writing sample the day after my initial meeting. I received a very positive response practically instantly, assuring me they'd be back in touch soon. Nine days later is NOT soon in my book. I feel like they maybe offered the job to someone else, who turned it down, and now they are falling back to me. SodaBoy has been trying to comfort me all along, saying they were just busy and they would call eventually. Score one for SodaBoy, I guess.

Now to the part where I ask for advice... I only have one suit, which I wore to the first interview. I do have several sweaters that look nice under the jacket. Do I wear the same suit with a different top under it? Or completely separate dress pants with a slightly less formal sweater/jacket piece? Both pairs of pants are black and would look identical to an untrained eye. The interviewers were dressed comfortably in corduroy and plaid. My backup fancywear is still much dressier than office casual. What do I wear?


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YAY! I'm so glad you got called in again. Remember--they all may have been at a conference or busy with some big project or . . something that had nothing to do with you, so buck up, pump up the smile, and strut your stuff. And, even if by some chance you are a second choice, you may get the job and turn out to be better than the first one. You're a dedicated worker and not everyone is.

I'm hardly one to give wardrobe advice, but I'd say dress as nicely as possible in something different.

Good luck, break a leg etc!

Erin said...

Oh good. I am happy to hear this news. I was a tad worried on your behalf (10 days does seems rather long).

Definitely wear something different, while still dressy. You'll kick ass!

Nicole said...

I'm with Mary on this one. They were busy with something that had absolutely nothing to do with this job or you. Worry not my friend, you will be awesome! I have the same issue when it comes to my suit. I only have one, so I just switch it up with something different underneath. However, I am anything but a fashion expert.

Not so little sister said...

I say wear something different. If they are casual I think you will be fine in nice pants and a sweater. Go you!

And I always try to add a couple days to however long they tell me the process is going to take. At least I TRY to. I'm just so impatient so I understand your frustrations and feeling down.

Aliki2006 said...

Congrats! I hope the second interview goes well!

I would wear something different, rather than wear the same suit with a different top. Maybe the pants?

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Hey, even if you ARE the second choice (which you're totally not, they just had a bad week along with the rest of us) it means they wanted you almost as much as the next person! Because you would no doubt be awesome at it.

I don't have a real job, so no sweater advice here, except maybe a different one?

[Crossing fingers for a wonderful job offer]