Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

I haven't sat down and blogged in so long I think I forgot how. Blank screen, blank brain. Duh. Maybe I should try bullets?

  • Part of my problem was that pesky heat wave. I don't operate well in that heat. We don't have any AC, and I don't sleep at night, and my brain stops working.

  • I have got two decent nights of sleep now, since the heat wave broke on Tuesday, but I am still feeling foggy, like I am operating on a deficit.

  • The cats were terribly depressed about the weather as well. We restricted their access to the outdoors and that makes them miserable, but when we'd let them out, they quickly realized how lame it was, and want to come back in.

  • I think I am still so obsessed about the damn heat because it is supposed to be 90 again tomorrow. Woe is me. Sorry... I'll stop now.

  • Moving right along, we met with a contractor this evening to get an estimate on having our siding replaced. He'll be getting back to us.

  • It was really nice that he even showed up. So far we've had four separate contractors either reschedule or just plain not show up. Do they think blowing us off will make us trust them? Or do they just not like money? I just don't get it. Seems like a bad way to run a business, eh?

  • Luckily, this guy was the third to show up, so when we get the estimates back, we'll have some choices.

  • The funny thing is, when we were out walking around and talking to the contractor guy, one of his competitors who already rescheduled once called back and left a message. He can't remember if he was supposed to come on Sunday or Monday. I'm sort of leaning towards don't bother.

  • Anyone have any good information or advice about siding to share? Things to look for, things to avoid, questions to ask, anything?

  • I'm really loving the farmers market again this year. I found a new pasta vendor, he makes ravioli from scratch, hand stuffing them. They are amazing. I bought three different kinds on Saturday and they were all gone by Tuesday. I can't even decide which flavor I like best.

  • Fresh strawberries are another reason to love the farmers market. They are an entirely different creature from the odorless styrofoam-like supermarket varieties. I'm hoping to get out and pick some myself this weekend.

I might not normally publish a post like this, but today I will, in interest of maintaining the blog and all. I'm glad that you all seemed to survive the heat wave with a few more brain cells left than me.


Sara said...

Glad you survived :-)

My brain, too, is kinda fuzzy. Going from a cooler than normal May straight into 90s just doesn't work for me.

Fortunately, with our house fairly well shaded, as long as it cools off at night we usually do okay. Open all the windows and pump in cool air while we sleep, button up in the morning and pull all the blinds, and it stays pretty bearable. One of the advantages of an older house, I guess?

Good luck with the contractors! Large jobs requiring bids kind of scare me...

Nadine said...

Mmnn, strawberries. Me want some now.

Debbie said...

Yep, have had it already with the heat. I can't take it like I used to. It makes me weak, whiney, uncomfortable, sweaty and just all around frigging yucky. I stay inside too much and I hate it LOL

On the positive...I've mowed for the week, so that headache is gone!

Sorry, no clue about siding :(

coffeypot said...

I could live without A/C except for the bedroom. I would have to have a window unit for a cool nights sleep.

Aliki2006 said...

The heat as a way of sucking everything out of you, so don't feel badly. Here's to cooler times!

BlackenedBoy said...

I felt the same way, sort of lost in lethargy, and then I went out for a good exhausting walk. You'd be surprised how much something like that can reenergize you.