Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Heat Wave

We did make it to Waterfall State Park yesterday, despite all my whining. I should explain that the waterfalls there are quite large and dramatic, and incidentally, provide habitat to some rare snails. WSP snails are cool because they are endemic, found nowhere else in the world. The area around the base of the falls is closed off to protect the snails from trampling, so most people (including me) never actually see any. And that's OK with me: just knowing they are there is enough to make me happy. But I digress. WSP is one of our very favorite places to go when it’s hot like this, brutally soul-suckingly HOT. We go downstream from the falls, away from the snails and the trails, and just sit in the water.

There were only two cars in the lot when we arrived, promising an unexpected degree of privacy. Because of all the rain we've had lately, the water level was higher than in similar trips in past years , and the current thus swifter, making the creek walking more challenging. We went down to our spot and swam--I was actually sweating in the water trying to swim upstream, the current was so strong. Then I remembered we came to cool off, and we just sat in the water, relaxing. Crawled out on some big shaded rocks and read.

Eventually, SodaBoy finished his book and got restless, so we packed up and headed back along the bank, taking pictures. I was wholly uninspired with the photography, still drained from the heat and lack of sleep despite the soothing respite. And there was a shadow across the falls making exposures difficult. Humbug. I did get some good shots of a snapping turtle, though. We submerged ourselves again before heading back up the stairs.

Stopped at Wegmans on the way home, and got Coho salmon & asparagus that SodaBoy grilled for dinner after we showered. Sat around the house sweating miserably for the rest of the evening. I went to bed around midnight, with three fans running in the bedroom. Slept horribly, constantly waking up sweating.

Got up this morning, and went downstairs, where it is somewhat cooler: 86 degrees in the living room. Hotter outside though, of course. Made a cup of tea and went back to bed to read in front of the fans. Got back up, took a cold shower. Now I'm back to sitting in my underwear in front of the fan again. I am not cut out for this shit. I cannot stand it.


Erin said...

Well, humph. I must go there. Maybe next summer?

(Sneaky of you to go slipping in "old" posts.)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...


I LOVE that turtle picture and the ovate amber snail linky is nice too!