Monday, February 19, 2007

Falling off the Radar

I'm sorry for pulling this little vanishing act. I assure you this was not my intention: I do plan to return to blogging. As soon as I can get my shit together. I had every delusion that I would be able to keep on blogging somewhat regularly once I started working again. However, it is a sad but true fact that I had been unemployed throughout the entire existence of this blog until last week, and still only managed to post three or four times a week. You bloggers with a job, and kids, too? I am truly in awe. You must not sleep.

My job is not of the variety that enables blogging at work, and I am not of a temperament where skipping a lot of sleep is advisable. I am still hopeful that I will settle into more of a routine, thereby freeing up more time to blog and generally just have a life. But I'm not quite there yet. Give me some more time. I am having a hard time adjusting to be being owned again.


Not so little sister said...

Good luck! And we'll be here whenever you make your return.

I have been wondering how my blogging will be affected when I get an office job that actually keeps me busy.

Hope things are going well.

Casey said...

Write when you can. We'll be here.

Erin said...

Wahn! Come back! Quit the dumb job and entertain us instead.

OK, just kidding.

Hope the job goes well.

Nicole said...

No problem my friend. But we are here for you when you have the time, whenever that may be. OK?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

The working world. GAK! BLeah! WAHN!

Well, hope it works out so you actually ENJOY your job at least some of it some of the time.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

It's always such a trade-off: blogging, gainful employment? Hmmmm.....

Hope the job is going well and that the ice and snow have been less trying of late!

Aliki2006 said...

Not to worry...wait until the dust settles--you have enough on your plate!

rory said...

Ok, this is a world of cheap coincidences. My world, anyway, is made up some really unsubtle and therefore incredibly cheap coincidences for instance: I'm sitting in New Zealand at Otago university writing my MA thesis. I google "Feedback loop"- don't ask. Anyway, I see this "Lake Loop" blog, mentioning thermostats and passive aggressive behaviour. "Wow", I think to myself, "My maiden name is Lake. Our family was always arguing about the thermostat because we were living in Minnesota freezing our asses off while our mom was going through menopause and we weren't. I wonder if this blogger is my long, lost narcissistic sister Julie Lake?" so I click on it, disbelieving because Julie was such a Luddite snob when it came to computers. She "hated them" and set stuffed dolls on top of them if she had to be near them, "to absorb their energy". Whatever. Anyway, whoever this blogger is, she talks like a Minnesotan, and lo and behold, she has lived in Minnesota. Next, as i cruise around the site avoiding my thesis work, I come to this comment site, where I see 4 blogging entries from others that ARE EERILY reminiscent of my family- all in a row. First, "Not so little sister"- ahem, I am Julie's younger but taller and larger breasted sister.(I am 4th out of 5) 2.) "Casey", excuse me, but that's our younger brother's name. 3.) "Erin," how odd, that's Casey's daughter's name, 4.) "Nicole"- that's my other sister's daughter's name.
OK? Ok. That's all I gotta say. All of you should rent "Repo man" and you'll see what I'm talking about.
Back to my thesis now-
"other little sister in new Zealand", but I'm using my son's username here- "Mr. Bungle."