Sunday, March 04, 2007

Restless Energy

The relatively sedate nature of office work can be a huge drawback. My job will involve a component of field work in the summers, and I am really looking forward to the variety that will bring to my daily routine. I am happy with any excuse to get outside and walk around. When working desk jobs, I will often leave the building and prowl around during my lunches, entertaining myself with whatever landscape happens to be nearby.

At my last job, the lab was located along a railroad track. I had some good walks exploring the right of way in both directions. Railroad ties are spaced at a distance that is challenging for walking, but that only adds to the fun.

One of the temp jobs I worked was up north of the airport, adjacent to an old abandoned military base I loved exploring. Parts of it still had structures, a housing subdivision crumbling into reclaiming vegetation. The police trained with dogs there sometimes, so mostly I'd go off in another direction, down old streets to nowhere. It was a post-apocalyptic landscape, fascinating to behold. I used to see a flock of wild turkeys up there regularly, completely unfazed by the low flying planes buzzing overhead.

I have not had the opportunity to escape outdoors at lunchtime in my new job yet, due to the enormous snowfall we’ve had this winter. Even with the warmer weather we’ve had this last week, the snowbanks have simply settled into themselves. There are no shoveled sidewalks near my office, and the roads are narrowed by the snow. Walking on my lunch break would actually be somewhat dangerous. So I’ve been a little restless lately.

This afternoon I convinced SodaBoy to accompany me on a walk to Tall Trees Cemetery, an enormous old graveyard just two or three blocks from our house. It is a beautiful place to walk under any circumstances, and today we benefited from the snow removal. Perhaps to afford access to mourners, the grounds people keep all the major lanes plowed throughout the winter. We saw several other pedestrians out enjoying the day, but not a single automobile. And that was nice.

I have a comfortably tired feeling from climbing so many steep hills, and that flushed windburn about my cheeks. I should sleep well tonight. Now I just have to figure out how to get out more often.


Nicole said...

Ooo, I love a good walk about. I am also growing restless of being indoors lately. With the snow and ice and cars, you take your life into your own hands going on a walk. The dogs are also a bit bored of being indoors. Funny how the dogs and I often mirror each others feelings.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

OH! I miss tall Trees Cemetery! We have some nice old cemeteries here, but they are flat as a pankcake and I am getting bored with them.

I got out every day and walk--my Doctor requires it for my fibromyalgia--but when it is bad, it is more torture than fun. Wlaking used to be my favorite things--almost. I lvoe it.

But some days I am well enough to really enjoy it.

Today, dunno if we'll get out. K just had a colonoscopy and is supposed to "rest" all day. But it is sunny and NICE! WAHN! I might go without him.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

boy my typing has gone down the tubes lately, so sorry!