Monday, March 12, 2007

Two Walks in Two Days: Hurray!

This warm spell is really tickling my fancy. Saturday it rained all day, and you really have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy walking around in the rain. So I didn't get out and about until yesterday. We walked up to the local reservoir, which is always fun because it is somewhat off the beaten path. I don't mean that it is remote or back country, just that not too many people seem to know about it. We walked there from the house, up the paved road that goes to the top. The road is gated though. Maybe that scares some folks off?

Today was another gorgeous day. I took a five minute break and soaked up some sun in front of the office, but was otherwise cooped up. When I got home and SodaBoy and I were discussing our dinner plans, I confessed that I was torn: I really wanted to go for a walk, but was also quite hungry. What to do? SodaBoy came up with the perfect plan: we walked over and got sandwiches at the local shop that also serves milkshakes. I was a little too full on the walk home, as the sandwiches are ridiculously huge. We overate because we wanted different things, but didn't want to haul the leftovers 1.62 miles back home afterwards.

[I looked up on Google Earth when we got home: 3.24 miles round trip. How I love Google Earth!]

Tonight's evening walk was highly therapeutic for me. I think I yammered poor SodayBoy's ear off. I did not have the best day at work. I had to work on cleaning up and correlating two enormous tables that summarize the same 300 page document in slightly different ways. What was so frustrating was that the numbskull person who created the tables chose to do it in a word processing program rather than in a spreadsheet. The task would have taken no time at all had the proper program been used, but instead I had to bang my head away at the damn thing much of the day. Ugh.Ugh.Ugh!

I might need another walk tomorrow.


Aliki2006 said...

I love Google Earth, too! Great pictures...I'm glad you're getting some warmer weather.

Nadine said...

Oh good. Glad you got outside!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love Google earth too, though I really don't know how to measure distances.

I am so GLAD you got outside. We went to Metrobeach Saturday and black River Sunday. My gmail may be down--my box is full. I am way behind in everything. Bad nights.

So glad you got out!

Not so little sister said...

I went for a walk with my best friend on Sunday. It was soooo nice. I can't wait for it to continue to get warmer!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Did I mention I really like that top photo?

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Sounds lovely.

By the way, sometimes you can paste Word tables into Excel. Or import them as tab-delimited or something. Might help. :)