Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Democracy Geek*

I just got back from voting, and am all a-flutter. I get such a buzz from voting, always have. This year there were several added bonuses to make things even more exciting.

First of all, my polling station had been moved to a student center at nearby Hometown University. After my experience last year voting in a church, I was thrilled to be at a more neutral location. I asked the poll workers about how polling stations are selected, but no one knew. They just show up where they are told. I made it clear how much I like the new location, although I chickened out and didn't admit why. My churchy neighbor was one of the volunteers, and I didn't want to offend her.

Unfortunately, this neutrality may not last. All the poll workers indicated that they, too, liked the new quarters--the building is bright and roomy and modern. However, apparently the elderly voters have been quite vocal in expressing their distaste for the new polling station. There is a traffic circle out front where parking is prohibited due to the frequent buses, and apparently the adjacent lot isn't quite convenient enough for the mobility impaired. This is really too bad, since the building itself is highly accessible. I really don't want people to not vote because of something so trivial as parking.

I also don't want to vote in a church. There must be some reasonable solution.

The other detail that pleased me was that I got to vote on the old fashioned, crank handled voting machines again. I treasure every opportunity to use these, since it may be my last. Unless, of course, I buy one for my living room. And don't think for one minute that I haven't fantasized about such a thing, because I most certainly have. I mean, seriously... how much would that rock?
* I shamelessly stole this title from The Onion. To be fair, I must acknowledge that I am not quite as much of a democracy geek as the titular David Haas. I do not vote in primaries because I cannot bear to declare allegiance to either political party.


Nadine said...

I was stoked to vote last night as well. I love our voting machines and cannot imagine why we need to change them. My polling place also changed from Gigantic Catholic Church to Local Fire Department. Much better, in my opinion.

Aliki2006 said...

I *wish* we had those old crank-handle machines. Instead we have to fill in tedious bubbles with a pencil.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I voted too! YAY!

But, WHAN, no crank handle coting machines for me, I got the stupid paper ballots with bubbles and no curtain for privacy. WAHN!


And the mayor was running unopposed.

Woman Warrior said...

What did you vote for? Sorry, I've been out of the country a good, long while. I had no idea we were supposd to do that this week.

And well, can't say I've been too excited about voting. At least not since the first time I ever did it. But now, it's a kind of hold my nose and vote for who will be the least bad. And I don't think that's what democracy is all about. Voting makes me sad.

BerryBird said...

WW, the election was local: county executive, city councilors. That kind of thing. I wasn't particularly excited about any specific candidates, but I do love the process. Also, pleasure can be gained by throwing votes to "minor" party candidates.