Sunday, December 21, 2008


Since my last post, I've attended several NCAA basketball games, gone to the company Christmas party, and best of all, saw David Sedaris read at a local theater. I've already written about basketball (several times) and don't really want to get into too much detail about my job, but I haven't ever blogged about David Sedaris. The man is hysterical, and dreamy, too: I always swoon a little when I see him. He's like a rock star. So I thought I would compile a list inspired by Momma Val's Ticket Stubs post. So here they are, the various concerts and lectures I've attended:

Kurt Vonnegut
Margaret Atwood
Amy Tan
John Irving
Oliver Sacks
Michael Moore
David Sedaris

Timothy Leary
Oliver Stone
George Carlin

Rock Concerts
Tom Petty
Phish (also, Oysterhead and the Trey Anastasio Band)
The Grateful Dead (also, the Jerry Garcia Band and Rat Dog)
The Allman Brothers
The Rolling Stones

All these events were highly entertaining, and I enjoyed them enormously. However, I do have regrets about missing a few... There was that Pink Floyd concert back in '94 -- I waited in line first for a bracelet, then again to buy tickets, but ultimately took a job out of state and couldn't go. REM and Neil Young are two other bands I've always wanted to see, but never had the chance.

A few regrets with the authors, too, unfortunately. Stephen Jay Gould apparently gave a lecture in my town, but I didn't find out about it until several years after the fact, so obviously did not go (and of course now will never have the opportunity). I also inexcusably missed Jane Goodall when she was here, although the venue was a graduation speech, and not a straight-up lecture or reading that would have been more to my liking. Then there are the authors I would love to see, like Michael Pollan, who never seem to come to my area.

As odd as it may sound to those who don't love books, the author lectures are a rollicking good time, and they've all been local, as opposed to the concerts. I never exactly toured with any particular band, but the list of concerts above occurred in seven different states and provinces. What about you? Seen any great events? Who do you regret missing?


Electronic Goose said...

Love your taste in authors and music! I wish I could say I've seen my favorite authors but I've seen very few.

Nadine said...

I would say I most regret having never seen The Dead.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I could go on about dancing on stage with the Dead and meeting Bob Dylan and Tiny tim and traveling around with the dead and living in California (Big Sur with Big Brother and the Holding COmpany (Janis Joplin) but i don't really have time.

I've heard some great author lectures and we recently saw Evelyn Glenny--highly recommend) and Carmina Burana (another plus) and we saw Oliver Sachs in Oswego a couple years ago--what a riot!

Like I said, I could go on and on and on!

And I like Operas, my favorite being the Magic FLute.

We tried to go see Wicked (tonight, in fact) but the tickets were prohibitively expensive.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love David Sedaris too, even though me makes me cry.