Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another Backyard Adventure

Today was very mild, sunny and warm. It must have been 65 degrees, highly unusual for late November in this area. We wanted to take advantage of the niceness by spending time outdoors, and decided to make some further explorations in our big backyard. It can be tricky departing on foot from the house: our cat Elijah loves walks and always tries to come along. We managed to sneak off successfully, whispering as we speed-walked down the street, only slowing down and returning to normal speaking voices once out of range.

We took a new route, and ended up scaling a steep wooded hillside on a deer path, which eventually joined up with a narrow footpath. The woods are riddled with trails, made by people and animals both, and especially near the quarry, by mountain bikers. It is our mission to learn each and every one, so excitement ensues every time we follow a new one to its logical end. The footpath we merged with in the steep oak woods eventually connected back with the old tower trail, an intersection we’d noted with curiosity in the past. One mystery solved; happily many remain.

This area is owned by the university, but is not maintained or used for anything currently. The old tower has long been abandoned, along with the associated building, a tiny cinder block structure with no windows. There was a new development today; someone had broken a padlock on the building, and the door stood slightly ajar. We couldn’t resist peeking inside. It was dank and musty, with an unpleasant and unidentifiable smell. Rusting electronica, empty paint cans, rotted cushions, the usual assortment of crap found in urban ruins.

Just standing at the base of the tower, it feels like the highest point in the city, and the scenery isn’t too shabby either. But there are always foreground distractions, trees and weeds and such. Someday we’ll go back and climb that tower, right up to the top. Then we’ll talk about the views.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I love walking in your big backyard and hope to have the opportunity to walk there or int he quarry or somewhere with you! YAY!