Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Photos for Ginny

As I've mentioned before, I have a big project underway involving scanning old photos of my Mom’s that she unearthed during her move. Phase II is the current stage; phase I was completed almost a year and a half ago now. I had photos printed in triplicate, and gave one set to my sister and another set to my father. I took the ones for Dad and put them in a little album for a Father’s Day gift, which was a huge success.

They made enough of an impression, anyway, to have been a topic of conversation when Dad and D stayed with my Uncle and Aunt last month on their great pumpkin pilgrimage. D told me that Aunt had requested copies of the pictures with her kids, my cousins. I am more than happy to get extra prints made; this is the sort of dorky thing I get geeked up on.

However, I am a little worried the hype will overshadow the delivery, because when I went back to the original files on the computer, I only found two pictures with C in them. As they do now, this branch of the family lived far away throughout my entire childhood, so it’s not all that surprising that we don’t have billions of photos of us kids cuting it up together. Nevertheless, I don’t want to disappoint G. They are two great pictures, mind you, but still: it’s just not very impressive a stack.

I was given Thanksgiving as a suggested deadline, since Aunt and Uncle will be staying with Dad and D for the holiday. I uploaded the pictures earlier today and will pick them up this evening. Knowing me, I’ll be scrounging around tomorrow looking for more photos. But at least I can finally take the little sticky note off my monitor that says, “Photos for Ginny.”

Sis, A, C, Me


Erin said...

I love this picture. It kinda looks like you are all going to throw your leaves on my head though.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

What a fun picture! So cool to see it again. You guys were so cute.

Hope you find some good ones of Colin and Andrew. (?)

When this was taken it was all very real and no one was fuzzy or faded.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It does sort of look like you could be the target, Erin!