Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Goods

Well, this tidy bit of commerce has been completed: last night saw the exchange of one loopy little dog for one highly anticipated clay jack-o-lantern. Dad is already scheming about how to get more of these things, complicated plans involving pallets and half-full semis.

Photo by SodaBoy

Amazingly enough, one rinky-dink tea light candle provided all the necessary glow, which is mighty convenient since I have about a gazillion of them. I think we'll keep it on top of the curio cabinet until I figure out how to set it up in front of a window for Halloween night. Which could be a little tricky, since I can't think just what table would do the job, but I certainly can't put it outside and risk a smashing after such an epic journey.


Erin said...

Oh! I want mine! It looks so cool!

I'm going to ignore that business about the pallets and trucks, though. Eek.

jo(e) said...

What a cool photo. The infamous jack-o-lantern is more impressive than I expected it to be. Or perhaps that is just the skill of the photographer.

BerryBird said...

I will pass along the photographic compliments to SodaBoy. I had a hard time choosing which of several beauties to post; sometimes I think we could all use jo(e)'s daughter's editing tips.

Mary Taitt said...

Fun photo, very impressive, tell SodaBoy!

Ai-yi-yi about the pallets and trucks, Dad's a weird one.

Nadine said...

M. and I braved the rain last night (OK, it wasn't raining when we left the house) to checked out the infamous jack o' lanterns at Second Home Nature Center. The place was a mob scene. On the 2nd lighted trail we walked, we apparently walked right by 27 of the fool things and didn't even notice that they weren't real pumpkins. Needless to say, that gave Dad quite a charge.