Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Grumble, Grumble

I feel a need to complain a bit about women’s clothing. Does anyone on the planet understand how the sizing works? What is this 6-8-10-12 crap? What are the units? Why is there no uniformity? I might wear a 6 from one store and a 12 from another. I might wear a 6 and a 12 from the same store. The numbers seem completely and utterly meaningless. This is part of why I hate shopping so much. Often when I shop for clothes, I get frustrated and buy nothing. Other times, out of desperation, I buy crap I later decide I hate.

As an example: back in May, I bought two pairs of jeans produced by the same manufacturer. Both were labeled as being the exact same style/cut. I bought one pair in size 8 and one pair in size 10, in different shades of blue. The fit is completely different between the pairs of pants. The size 8s fit great, very comfortable, whereas the size 10s turned out to be both snugger and shorter (a full two inches shorter!). If I had noticed this in the store, I wouldn’t have even bought the 10s, but I suck, plain and simple. I suck.

Since all his existing jeans were decomposing as he wore them, and multiple holes can get chilly this time of year, we went to the dreaded mall yesterday to get SodaBoy some new jeans. It seems to me, from the outside looking in, that shopping for men’s clothing is much, much simpler. Numbers have units; they mean something. Here in the states, numbers are measured in inches. A 34 inch waist is a 34 inch waist is a 34 inch waist. Also annoying: the department store where SodaBoy bought his new Levis does not stock Levis for women, only hoity designer brands. Sigh. I may have to go back to wearing men’s clothes.


jo(e) said...

I hate shopping for clothes -- I have to try everything on to see if it fits. And for some reason, most pants seem to be made for women who are eight feet tall. It drives me crazy.

Erin said...

Like jo(e) said, my pants are invariably too long. They end up dragging on the ground and getting all worn out. That was fine in college but not so much these days when I'm pretending to be professional.

Sara said...

See, this surprises me. I must truly be a freak. I have more trouble finding womens pants that actually cover my ankles than anything else except maybe finding womens shirts that actually cover my wrists.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I always buy men's clothes whenever possible. They fit better, are made better, have bigger pockets, and are just generally nicer.

I do, however, have problems finding dresses and bras for me. Then I have to go back to flimsy pieces of crap weirdly sized and with absent or tiny pockets. Women's fashion designers should be taken behind the barn, hung from their genitalia and shot.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

that should say dresses and brans for MEN! (which meakes it hard to find them for me).