Friday, October 13, 2006

Weekend Excursion

This afternoon, we depart for a drive to Mountainous New England State to attend the wedding of a college friend, B, to his beautiful and charming fiancĂ©e, J. We are traveling and staying with another friend from college, D, and his wife T. Financially this trip didn’t come at the best time, with our underemployment and the unexpected expenses related to Meshoe’s death last month. The wedding is in a touristy sort of town, and hotel rates seem rather high, not to mention the outrageous hospitality taxes.

All my usual mind-fuckery aside, it should be a fantastic weekend. The drives themselves will be more enjoyable than in any other season, especially since today is sunny and bright. The fall color is brilliant this year, and D has already threatened to make frequent photographic stops, welcome news indeed. And the camaraderie… we expect many other friends from college to be in attendance, people we see terribly infrequently. So I think we’re all pretty excited about the whole thing.


Erin said...

I suppose it goes without saying, but if you happen to run across a postcard or two...

Have fun!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Did you see good color? Did you stop and take pictures? I don't recall hearing about this? Sorry, I've been so busy packing traveling and now unpacking that I'm way behind on everyhting.