Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Bit Early for This

Every winter I turn into a dragon. My skin becomes terribly dry. My hands will crack and bleed; knees and elbows turn to leather; large scaly patches develop in strange, unexpected places like the backs of my arms, or my sides. Out of absolute necessity I might get out the moisturizer every few days, but I am not dedicated enough to apply it very frequently. Part of my problem is I detest the slimy feel of the stuff. My first instinct after using lotion of any kind is to run and wash my hands. Most fragrances also irritate me (quite literally).

I’ve always attributed this dryness to heat. Furnaces seems to crank out excessively dry air, and it would explain why I don’t suffer the same malady in the summer months. So what is my problem now? The early signs have started: my hands are already roughening up. However, we haven’t turned the heat on yet. Oh, there was temptation. It was 54 degrees in the house when we got back from the wedding Sunday night. But we persevered. There are goals to be reached, after all, standards to be upheld. It's been years since we've turned on the heat before November 1st.

I did go up in the attic and bring the space heater down for SodaBoy the other day. He loves that foolish thing. I haven’t spent much time in the immediate vicinity, though. Why should my hands be dry already? Why, internets, why?


Erin said...

Couldn't you put the lotion on before bed? How could it bother you with its sliminess while you're asleep?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I'm drying early too, this year--it had already started at home before I came to Detroit, where the heat is on (it wasn't, at home).

I hate having slimy stuff on during the day. I do try to remember to put it on at night. I set the bottle on my pillow so I won't forget in my sleepy stupor, or, if that's not possible, in my way somewhere.

And, I buy Eucerin, which has NO FRAGRANCE except for it's own mild pig-rendering smell. No peeooouufrom. (It is greasy though.) Unfortunately, I left my dearly beloved bottle of Eucerin at the old house.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

And I don't use it in the summer, and I don't know why it started early this year.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I have a theory: in hot weather I take cool showers and the cooler it gets, the warmer my showers. During the transition period when I haven't turned on the heat, it may be quite cold on the house. I tend to take warmer showers--the hot water may remove the bodily oils.

jo(e) said...

My skin is the same way. And already my legs have those scaley things all over them, and my hands are dry.

And I absolutely hate putting slimey stuff on my hands. Uck.

I think the air is drier in the fall and winter, even the outside air. My hair is always curlier on those humid summer days.