Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Don't Want No Drama

My one year anniversary at the new job rolls around next week. For the most part, things are really great: my work is interesting, I am using both my college degrees, my commute is short, I like my co-workers, our office space is beautiful, and I seem to be well respected. I was given a Christmas bonus that was by no means universal, and a substantial raise at a performance review that included not a single negative comment.

Another nice thing has been the near complete lack of drama. Sure, I've heard from a colleague who works in another office that there are ISSUES in their office, a feeling of division and resentment towards our office, that people are bitter they didn't get bonuses to pay for our relocation to the new office space. However, those are distant rumblings. Everyone I regularly interact with seems genuinely happy to be working for the Company.

In the year that I have been there, only one person has left their job, and that was to relocate to a distant city for family reasons. That person continues to have an amicable relationship with staff and management, returning for a visit at the holidays, and doing freelance work for us on the side. Contrast that with my previous job, where in my 3 years of employment, 13 people either quit or were let go in my department alone, which is an obscene turnover rate for a group of 5-6 people. Yeah, it was pretty sucky there.

Anyway, it was with great dismay that I learned of drama rearing it's ugly head at my current job. Luckily for me, since these things stress me out to no end, I don't know all the details. A co-worker alledgedly snapped, and screamed profanities at one of the owners of the company, then stormed out, and did not return for the rest of the day. It all sounds pretty damning, but like I said, I wasn't there.

I like the individual in question: he is smart and funny. He's a blogger, fer chrissakes. I have no idea what his beef was, as we work in vastly different areas, but find the whole sordid affair to be quite unfortunate. I wish things had turned out differently, not just for my co-worker, but for myself, too. I was enjoying working in happy land. La-la-la.


Nadine said...

Oh no! You don't need no stinkin' drama!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Oh dear, I like my life to be drama free too. Especially at work. No drama. I hope it all gets patched up and fades away and is forgotten. AK!

Electronic Goose said...

Poop on drama.