Monday, June 04, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

Remember how yesterday, I wrote that I was longing for a cold front to pass through, and also that we were going hiking? It's abundantly clear in hindsight, but yeah... that's a pretty freaking stupid combination. Especially since we had a long drive before our hike and a lack of foresight in checking the Doppler. It was pretty much an unmitigated disaster.

We stopped and filled up the gas tank, grabbed a bite to eat and drove up north. We weren't even five miles away from our destination when the rains hit. Now a little rain is no big deal, but this was a *big* rain. Black sky, faintly tinged with orange, hours from sunset. Hail. Violent thunder and lightning. We tried driving around for a while, being only five or so miles from a scenic lakeshore, in hopes the storm would blow over. No such luck. And no scenery either, since there was very little visibility.

The only twinge of redemption came when we stopped at a cheese shop, and bought a local cheddar. I have mentioned before that extra sharp is my cheddar preference. This local product is marketed as "XXX extra sharp." That's because normal extra sharp cheddar is aged for 9 months, whereas this stuff sat around for three entire years. Mmmm. Three-year old cheese.

I was miserable on the drive home, just despondent. SodaBoy tried to cheer me up, saying we could always go back next weekend. Easy for him to say, as he didn't care about seeing the prairie smoke (Geum triflorum). It was likely brutally crushed by the hail.

Not unlike myself.

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Nadine said...

Bummer! I was thinking about you and the hike yesterday during the weather.

My peonys got smashed up pretty well.