Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bulleted Odds and Ends

  • Not much going on in my bloggy world of late, but I thought I should throw something together here. The wheels are spinning, though. Dur.

  • The peregrine falcons I've been watching out my office window have fledged. The chicks are still a little rough on their aviation skills and circle gracelessly attempting their landings. They have started resting on a building right next to ours, though, so I still get some pretty good views.

  • I took a lovely walk this morning to Stormwater Park, but my photos were uninspiring. Instead I share with you this shot of a frog I took last weekend. Much more interesting.

  • My birthday was this past week, and I reaped a shocking bounty of gifts. Many of them are piled up on the dining room table, and it is a little overwhelming, frankly. I have many shiny new books I want to devour all at once.

  • This is in immediate conflict with my plans to re-read all the Harry Potter books before the release of Book 7 next month.

  • I am so torn that I spent most of the day yesterday frantically reading, alternating between Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and one of my new birthday books, A Mile in Her Boots.

  • Many thanks to ScienceWoman, who wrote the review that put this book on my radar. It is truly a delight. I am glad to be reading another book at the same time, to prevent myself from flying through it. This is definitely a book to be savored.

  • There are also some large boxes from a consumer blitz yesterday, when SodaBoy and I took the gift card his parents sent me and spent, spent, spent. It came in a card for daughter-in-laws. I guess that's me now.

  • Obviously, I need to get out some thank you notes. Ugh. Thank you notes are a chore I always dread. I suppose that makes me sound ungrateful, which is not the case at all.

  • My loathing of the thank you notes could possibly be attributed to my late grandmother, who ever since we kids could write, would force us to write thank you notes *before* we could play with our gifts. Sheesh.

  • OK, I am off to do some more reading, and if I am good, some writing, too. What is the bloggy consensus out there about thank you notes? Like them, hate them, think they are a relic of another time?

    Aliki2006 said...

    Happy belated borthday! enjoy those shiny new books...I'm eagerly anticipating the release of Potter too.

    Andy said...

    Not one for thank you notes, personally. Thank you phone calls, maybe.

    Nadine said...

    Thank you emails?

    I am suddenly feeling like I must have dropped the ball after my last birthday...

    BerryBird said...

    I don't normally write thank you notes after birthdays. I don't remember it being part of Grammy's militancy (although the advantage of her system is that the dread is the worst part, and if you write them instantly, then there is no dread). However, I got that unusually large gift card, and it didn't seem fair to only thank one party, so I sent out a bunch of the damn foolish things.

    Andy, phones cause me even more anxiety. I pretty much try to avoid them at all costs.

    Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

    My mother was a terrible meany and always made me write t-y notes IMMEDIATELY. I am getting worse and worse at it, but I still make Piano Boy do his ASAP if I remember--big IF.